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Terms of purchase tickets via the website

1. You need to pick up tickets at the ticket office of Nikolaevsky Palace (open daily 11.00-21.00)
2. Payment is not refundable if it is less than 3 days before the event date

Payment details:

"Folkshow center Nikolayevskiy"
Address: 190098, St. Petersburg, sq. Truda, 4
Taxpayer Identification Number 7826090890
Tax Registration Reason Code 783801001
current account 40703810027010000002
correspondent account 30101810800000000722
in St. Petersburg branch of OAO "MDM Bank"
Bank Identifier Code 044030741
All-Russian Classifier Of National Economy Sectors 93613
All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations 56286072
Principal State Registration Number 1037851084292