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Those "Mysterious" Russians

Even during our brief visits to foreign countries we are looking for the opportunity of experiencing different culture. At least we try local cuisine!

Now imagine yourself in St.Petersburg - the most “European” of all Russian cities. How to get acquaintance with the unique culture of this country? What shall a foreign visitor do, if his time in St.Petersburg is limited, and he would like to try so many different things – ranging from national cuisine - to “mysterious Russian heart”?

Is there any chance for a foreigner to feel himself Russian?

Our answer is YES!

In the very center of St.Petersburg, just in 5-munite walk from the famous St.Isaak Cathedral (and “Astoria” hotel) one can see a beautiful palace – a real masterpiece of architecture of the second half of the XIXth century – Nickolayevsky Palace. Built by a gifted architect Andrey Schtakenshneider for Grand Duke Nikolay, a son of the Emperor Nikolay 1, this place will fully meet your highest cultural expectations.


Passing the entrance (temporarily renovated) to the Palace you will find yourself in the lobby – with its fabulous gala stairs leading to the Concert Hall and other beautifully renovated halls of the Palace. Courtoise cavaliers and elegant ladies in crinolines will greet you on the stairs showing you the way and making you forget the time. Beautiful melodies of the past performed by a professional musical quartet will give you impression that you are simply travelling through centuries… and this is just a beginning!

Now it's time to show you something REALLY RUSSIAN!

Here in a cozy and nicely decorated Concert Hall of the Nickolayevsky Palace we will give you more than just an opportunity to see unforgettable folkshow performance «Feel Yourself Russian»: you will not only FEEL involved – you will BE really involved! During two hours of this dynamic colorful and pictureous show, you will hear tuneful folk songs – romantic, and full of life, watch sparkling dances of different provinces of Russia, - and learn that some items – such as saws, wooden spoons, and other traditional household appliances, - can also be used as musical instruments! And – oh, miracle! – suddenly you will find yourself right on the stage dancing like a real Russian, playing folk games and enjoying yourself!

Your impression of Russia would not be full without traditional Russian snacks. That's why after 45 minutes of the show we offer you a little break – during which you are served some «light» snacks including canapes with red caviar, cheese, ham, and also some fruit, champaign, wine, vodka, juice and mineral water.

During a break - live music is playing, beauties in crinolines are dancing for you – and candle light reflected in your glass gives your wine the color of a precious stone…What a nice thing to be a Grand Duke!

When the show is over you leave the palace keeping unique experience: now you know what is it – to feel like a Grand Duke, like a Cossak, maybe even like a Tsar – in the other words – to feel yourself Russian!