Enjoy this unique opportunity of getting acquainted with the history and cultural traditions of Russia! Classical quartet is playing lovely melodies of the XVIII th century, two stunning ladies in crinolines and a handsome gentleman in a wig (ballet trio “Reverence”) are welcoming guests at the Gala stairs of the Palace. How nice to be a guest of the Grand Duke!

Every day at 19:00 p.m.

The folk show itself is represented with 3 professional folk groups: “Peters Quartet” vocal quartet. Classical performance of folk songs, lyrical romances and Russian Orthodox hymns. “Maidan”is a Cossack song-and-dance group formed in1992 by the honored artist V. Drachev. The name of the group gets its origin from the place, where all Cossacks used to assemble in older times and where decisions were made “by the whole world”. The group skillfully reproduces on stage Cossack songs and dances in their original form. The «Stars of St.Petersburg» is a dance group. The dancers are graduated from leading schools of choreography in Russia. Its repertoire covers lyrical dances of the Russian North, fiering dances of the Cossacks from the Don and Voronezh, dancing miniatures of the Urals and Siberia with their subtle humor. Spectators of all ages and tastes will be able to appreciate not only the ability of the performers to bring Russian national color to the stage, but also their highest skills, complexity of acrobatic feats and breath-taking leaps. The show consists of two parts (45 minutes each) and lasts for 1 hour 50 minutes including the break, when guests are offered some fruit, canapes with red caviar, russian pies, crackers with cream cheese, desserts, vodka, champagne, red wine, mineral water, juice, beverages.Classical quartet is playing and beauties in crinolines are dancing for dear guests. There is also a good opportunity to buy local souvenirs as well as folk show version on CD, DVD and disk-game about Nikolaevsky Palace.


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Учреждение Культуры "Фольклорный центр Николаевский"

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